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Planning your future is often forgotten about when life is going well and therefore, having a Will is not always a priority.

Unfortunately, as life moves on, preparing your Will is something that shouldn’t be ignored. So working with our highly regarded Wills, Trusts and Probate Solicitors, we’re able to make this easy for you and ensure your family is provided for in the future.

A Will is not always complex, items such as inheritance of money and home property, are easier to create. However, they can also be very complex particularly when dealing with provisions for regional and international property/land, business and infrastructures. Stocks, shares and high net worth of wealth can also be very challenging. 

If you pass without a Will or with a Will that is not valid, your wishes will be overridden according to imposed law and your assets will be distributed by these means. This could mean that those people you wish to benefit from your Estate, or those people who you assume will benefit from your Estate, may not. 

Not having a Will at the time of your death could also lead to costly legal action, so making a Will is the secure way to ensure your Estate is passed on to the right people according to your wishes. Plus you will be able to assign the people you trust to carry out your wishes.

Our Wills, Trusts and Probate Solicitors can not only prepare your Will(s) but also provide detailed and expert advice on future planning paying particular attention to Inheritance Tax. 

Woop. Wills, trusts and probate legal services

Our Solicitor partners have a large client base from private individuals to corporate companies. This client base has been built up by providing quality services for hundreds of years. Our team can take the stress away when it comes to ensuring you and your loved ones are looked after in years to come.

The team has a breadth of experience that enables them to assist you with planning ahead and making sure the right people who you have chosen to leave your Estate are provided for in the future.

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