About Us

Woop has always been a creative brand driven by creative people, this is written in our DNA.

Launched way back in 2011, we traditionally offered motor insurance for people between the ages of 17-24 and like all those young people, Woop has grown up and evolved into the proud brand that we are today.

Our quest back in 2011 was to change the way young drivers car insurance was perceived. We truly believe we were the pioneers of that space at the time and it is our belief this new and exciting Woop Hub will surpass those previous achievements.  

Remaining as passionate as ever, in late 2022 we redeveloped our brand into Woop Hub, to expand our insurance and claims management solutions.

Through experience, our values are stronger than ever and this has helped us become the sustainable brand we are today with solid foundations to build on.

Woop will continue to pour every ounce of its creative thinking into what we do best, which is to provide our customers and clients with lifestyle products and services they truly deserve.  

Owned by our parent company Vint-tro, we now have the best of both worlds. We have positioned ourselves to service our customers with a true Woop customer journey, that we own and service through compelling technology supporting our Claims Management, Insurance Brokerage, Consultancy and Legal services.

With our experience and true wealth of knowledge, we have aligned ourselves with the right partners and investors to support our continued growth and strategy.

Woop, is here to stay; we are as ambitious as ever and we’re looking forward to continuing our journey with you.


Our Vision

The creation of a hub for private and corporate clients bringing insurance solutions and legal services to aid continued growth.

Our vision is;  " To be pioneers with substance, courage and freedom. We’ll help create irresistible experiences for you and us "

Our Culture

Our culture is built upon diversity and we welcome all people from every background.

woop doesn't sell its services. We create solutions for one’s need providing great value along the way.

Our Values

  • Our clients are at the centre of everything we do.
  • We work as one and promote togetherness.
  • We work with talented people. People who wish to learn, train and create.
  • We engage with all communities helping them to enjoy and prosper.
  • We have the courage to express ourselves and embrace the unexpected.
  • We are free thinkers that work together to acheive the extraordinary.
  • We never work in isolation.
  • We fully connect with our clients.
  • We work hard and play hard to celebrate success.

Our Charity

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