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Burning money on cars.

Cars are just a waste of money. Fact!

By Simon Bennett - 08/02/2024
Simon at long last realises that buying daily drivers is a complete waste of money!
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Mr Bean actor Rowan Atkinson and car racing

Mr Bean actor blamed by the House of Lords for poor electric car sales

By Woop - 07/02/2024
Rowan Atkinson who is well known for the love of cars and racing has been blamed by the House of Lords for the plunge in sales of electric cars.
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Tesco delivery driver

Tesco driver paid to stage crashes ordered to pay £18,000

By The Gazette - - 02/02/2024
Tesco driver Reyhan Safi was found to have been involved in four staged collisions in the space of three months
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Amazon closes Insurance business

Amazon closes its Insurance Store after 15 months

By Woop - 24/01/2024
Following an internal evaluation a decision has been taken to close Amazons insurance arm.
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Electric London Bus

Temporary Withdrawal of Electric Buses After Recent London Fire

By Woop - 20/01/2024
Transport for London is taking precautionary measures after recent electrical bus fire.
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Woop young drivers car Insurance

Young drivers face car insurance price hike

By BBC - 17/01/2024
Young drivers face higher car insurance premiums
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Electric bus catches fire in London

Electric bus catches fire amid insurer concerns over battery blazes

By Woop - 12/01/2024
Electric powered bus catches fire in London.
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Insurance scam

Fundamentally dishonest court ruling involving a £150,000 claim

By Woop - 09/01/2024
Fundamentally dishonest court ruling involving a £150,000 fraudulent personal injury claim.
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Fraud insurance claims under investigation

Man from Barnet pocketed over £30k in 45 bogus insurance claims for 'damaged' Smart TVs

By Woop - 01/01/2024
Over 82 home insurance policies were taken out where 45 fraudulent claims were made against them.
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RSA Employee commits fraud

Ex RSA employee jailed for selling customer data

By woop. - 18/12/2023
Former RSA employee Karl Yates, 40, has been jailed for stealing customer details and selling them to claims management organisations.
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