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Save money on your car insurance

For the first time in over two years, motor insurance premiums have fallen

By Woop - 19/04/2024
Car insurance has risen for the last two years, now we are seeing a small decrease in the first quarter of 2024
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Insurance surveillance

An appearance on the Jeremy Kyle show caught an insurance fraudster.

By Woop - 17/04/2024
Insurance fraudster, Patricia Rogers, 25 from Barnsley is given a 12-month jail term after being caught on surveillance.
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Crashed car and total loss

The FCA has identified shortcomings in how some motor insurers are valuing written-off or stolen vehicles

By Woop - 04/04/2024
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has identified shortcomings in how some motor insurance firms are valuing written-off or stolen vehicles.
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Back pain and injury

A Woman loses her £650,000 injury claim after being seen tossing Christmas tree

By Woop - 12/03/2024
A woman who was pictured winning a Christmas tree-throwing competition, loses her £650,000 claim for injuries she allegedly suffered after a car accident.
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Ferrari Testarossa 512M

F1 legend Gerhard Berger’s stolen Ferrari has been recovered after 28 years

By Woop - 04/03/2024
Gerhard Berger's red Ferrari Testarossa F512M a very rare car that was stolen at the 1995 San Marino Grand Prix has been found after 28 years.
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American Actor Jason Momoa in his Rolls Royce

A 1929 Vintage Rolls-Royce owned by US actor Jason Momoa has been converted to electric

By Woop - 27/02/2024
American actor Jason Momoa has converted his 1929 Vintage Rolls-Royce Phantom 2 to electric.
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Ford GT40 at Goodwood Revival

Mr Bean actor blamed by the House of Lords for poor electric car sales

By Woop - 25/02/2024
Rowan Atkinson who is well known for the love of cars and racing has been blamed by the House of Lords for the plunge in sales of electric cars.
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Burning money on cars.

Cars are just a waste of money. Fact!

By Simon Bennett - 25/02/2024
Simon at long last realises that buying daily drivers is a complete waste of money!
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Tesco delivery driver

Tesco driver paid to stage crashes ordered to pay £18,000

By The Gazette - - 02/02/2024
Tesco driver Reyhan Safi was found to have been involved in four staged collisions in the space of three months
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Amazon closes Insurance business

Amazon closes its Insurance Store after 15 months

By Woop - 24/01/2024
Following an internal evaluation a decision has been taken to close Amazons insurance arm.
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