Dispute & Resolution

Disputes happen even in the best-run businesses and should this happen to you, you have the peace of mind we are here to support your every need.

Firstly we will always encourage you to avoid costly litigation however, should this be unavoidable our expert team of dispute solicitors will be here to help achieve a positive resolution.

Where appropriate we’ll consider early resolution through alternative measures which may involve mediation, arbitration, adjudication or expert determination but if proceedings cannot be avoided, our expert team offers extensive experience in all forums including courts and tribunals. 

We have a successful, proven track record in litigation and the management of commercial disputes. We have specialist lawyers across a wide range of dispute types who will always attempt early dispute resolution wherever possible. 

To talk to someone about our dispute and resolution services, please click on our 'Enquire' button below, fill in our short form and our team will be in touch.

Dispute and resolution services

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