Corporate Insolvency 

Our panel of Insolvency Solicitors in Suffolk and Essex can not only boast to have one of the region's largest departments but also have many years of experience, that only our competitors can admire.

Our specialist team offers advice to companies, partnerships, directors and business owners in relation to all insolvency matters. So if you have received a Statutory Demand or winding up petition, facing pressure from creditors, liquidators, Administrator, or Trustees in Bankruptcy then we’re here to help.

If you believe your business may be insolvent or you are considering closing your business or restructuring it, considering placing your company into administration or voluntary Liquidation. Then please do get in touch and we’ll advise on your options and legal obligations.

Woop Corporate Insolvency

It may well be that;

  • Your business is owed money by a company or individual that is insolvent?
  • Want to serve a Statutory Demand, winding up petition, or bankruptcy petition on your debtors?
  • You have received a Proof of Debt or Proxy form from an Insolvency Practitioner and want assistance with the process?
  • You are a creditor in an insolvency process and looking for advice on how best to manage the situation, take control or have investigations carried out?

Whatever your requirement is, our specialist insolvency team can help guide you through any of these issues.

Click on the 'Enquire' button below and our team will call you soon.

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