Claims Recovery 

Woop has vast experience dealing with many Insurers, MGA’s, self insured enterprises and Brokers. 

This experience has reinforced our beliefs that when it comes to actually recovering your losses, claims recovery practices have often been a poor relation and we simply do not understand why!

Let's be honest, if you are paying out on your defendant claims and not recovering your own losses, your claims experience is portraying a poor outlook and we’re sure your capacity providers will not hang around forever :(

So for us, recovering your losses should be a key focus to maintain a healthy portfolio and this is why Woop has created a claims recovery solution that gets results. FAST!

Supported by market-leading technology our claims recovery solution adopts a client focussed approach and is backed up by our internal professional legal team should we need to deploy litigation services, which we will always try to avoid if possible.

However, should we feel the liable third party is being unreasonable, we always take a robust approach to recovering our clients outlay by the quickest means possible including litigation. 

Woop is an independent company and our long history of working ethically within our industry is respected by many of our colleagues. This enables us to quickly recover your losses in an efficient and timely manner.

Whether it's insurer loss recovery, uninsured losses or a simple one off recovery service you require, we have the solution!


Our charges for these services can be tailored to fit your requirements, so to find out more about how we can support you, click  ‘enquire’ below and we’ll get back to you soon.

Woop Corporate Insolvency

Credit Hire Recovery

Woop understands and has utmost sympathy for any innocent party who through no fault of their own has had to have a credit hire vehicle to enable them to continue their day to day lives after an accident. 

Being an innocent party of an accident can be a very difficult and challenging time, particularly if you are needing your vehicle to commute back and forth to work, or relying on your vehicle to carry on working such as a taxi driver or a self-employed professional.

We also understand like any other business, cash flow is a key driver for credit hire companies and recovering those expenses are equally paramount.

Our professional team at Woop provides the highest level of expertise, when it comes to credit hire recoveries and the legal landscape. We have created excellent relationships with insurers and many claims management companies over the years. Which enables successful recovery of reasonable credit hire charges without the need to litigate. 

However, should we feel the liable third party is being unreasonable we always take a robust approach to recovering our clients outlay by the quickest means possible, through our professional legal services.


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