Motor Engineering & Loss Adjusting

We offer a broad range of independent motor engineering and loss adjusting services. From desktop engineering to comprehensive on site physical inspections, we’ve got you covered.   

Our partnership arrangements are stringently managed to ensure consistent high quality and efficiency, thus maintaining high service levels.

Working collaboratively with our professional engineering partners, they have the ability to estimate, inspect, assess and audit vehicle damage in a number of different ways. Whether this is by utilising their highly qualified desktop team or their panel of expert field engineers.

Desktop Engineering

Assessment of vehicle damage against the costs and repair methods estimated. Using the Audatex or GT Motive platform, desktop engineering can be undertaken at a lower cost than a physical inspection on certain repair types, without compromising on quality. 

The assessment validates all claimed components with the repair estimate both pre and post repair. The engineering report type includes authorisation, without prejudice and for vehicles that are beyond economical to repair, i.e total loss.

The report includes:

  • A vehicle identification check
  • Vehicle defects - to ensure anything not relating to the damage sustained is not included in the repair and not approved as part of the assessment
  • Roadworthiness - to ensure the repair still deems the vehicle “roadworthy”
  • Consistency of Damage - if the damage is inconsistent, it is removed from the repair and not approved
  • Valuations - the vehicle value is considered as part of the assessment and the assessment would include a valuation, as well as a total loss categorisation
  • Vehicle salvage or disposal - this can be arranged and handled by us if requested

Total Loss Assessment

In addition to our desktop engineering service, where our engineers have identified a vehicle as a total loss, This service is aimed at vehicles that have been deemed a potential total loss by a third party (such as an insurer) and the vehicle has been moved directly to a salvage company. 

We provide an estimated repair cost as well as a pre-accident vehicle valuation. The assessment is completed to establish the correct total loss category in accordance with the ABI code of practice and is completed utilising images.

Field Inspections (on site)

We have the ability to carry out the assessment of a damaged vehicle, by physically inspecting the vehicle at any location. 

The report will include all of the relevant claim information and details within an engineer’s report. All services we provide under our desktop service, are available on a physical basis too. 

Additional physical inspection services can include:

  • Post repair inspections
  • Mechanical failures
  • Complaint cases
  • Body shop compliance reports
  • Fraud investigation
  • Expert witness
  • Forensic, fire and theft investigations
  • Damage consistency report
Accident Management

Vehicle Inspections with Damage Assessment

This service is carried out and completed on a desktop basis and encompasses the assessment of damage via digital images, where no estimate has been provided.

Creation of a detailed report, including the estimated cost using an industry recognised system (Audatex), whilst confirming the appropriate manufacturer repair method.

Diminution Report

We can provide a report following any damage repair for vehicles that have lost any potential value. This can be provided on a desktop or physical assessment basis.

Specialist Valuations

This service is tailored for high value and prestigious vehicles, such as classic cars, rare vehicles and cases where we expect to go to court, when resolution is not expected with the insurer. 

The court views independent engineers reports where the vehicle has been physically inspected more favourably, rather than desktop assessments. 

If you have a specialist vehicle, the best way of ascertaining the true market value is by having a detailed Engineers assessment and report. However, this is a very specialist area which involves physically inspecting the vehicle, creating a comprehensive report detailing how we have assessed the value. Supported by evidence such as market research and specialist testimonials where possible, validating the value.


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