Small Business & Start Ups

Having owned various companies and sat on the board in many corporate organisations, we pride ourselves on the advice we offer particularly for new start up businesses.  

Starting a business can be very daunting and we know along this exciting journey you will need help along the way simply because there is so much to do and learn when running your own business. 

Firstly, you have to run your company legally so legislation, accountancy, systems and choosing the right partners to work with such as a bank that understands you, your business strategy and your brand is essential.

We get great pleasure from advising new startups on the many aspects to consider when creating a business. We also know that unfortunately many organisations charge you high amounts of money for this much needed advice, even though money is usually of high concern and can be challenging when starting your first business venture.

At Woop, we offer start up business advice for just  £250 which provides you with 5 hours consultancy. In these 5 hours, you will get invaluable advice and guidance on how to successfully set up and maintain your business start up.

We are so confident that you’ll not only enjoy the session, you’ll revisit us time and time again because we love talking and creating opportunities in business :)

New business start up consultancy

So, if you're thinking about starting a business or you have recently set up a business and could do with a little advice or help, we would love to hear from you.

Click the 'Enquire' button below, fill in our short form and we'll see you on the inside.


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